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Using the latest cloud based technology you will have access to an online portal where you can manage your courses and view your learners progress through the E-Learn module.

Course Accrediation

This course meets the Ofsted Criteria for Early Years however is not a National Recognised Qualification.

E-Learn First Aid recommend that training provider not delivering Paediatric First Aid as a level 3 qualification register with an industry body that monitors and assesses such as FAIB

Course Overview

E-LEARNING: Convenient, Flexible & Maximising Recall

Our flexible, fun and engaging E-LEARNING module replaces the day two of the traditional 12hr Paediatric First Aid Course. This course is currently widely used by Tigerlily Training and other Training Providers and has been welcomed by Nurseries, Schools and Childminders across the UK.

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Learners complete the E-Learning via any PC, Tablet or internet device.
This interactive approach helps to maximise recall, concentration and pro-active participation.

Our unique E-Learning programme helps Training Providers to reduce (trainer) costs and simplify the assessment process, as all results are marked, calculated and presented on-line.

Delegates have the option to complete the E-Learning Module before or after completing the One Day Practical Course.

This flexible approach to training is appealing to Schools, Colleges and Nurseries as staff complete their practical training in just one day rather than the traditional 2 or 3 day approach.

  • Meets Ofsted and EYFS Guidelines
  • Provides a fun and interactive learning platform
  • Offers a high level of recall when delivered with a One Day Practical Course
  • Allows learners to work at their own pace
  • Assesses all Learners in 20 different areas of Paediatric First Aid
  • Simplifies the Assessment marking process and presentation of results
  • Enables learners to complete a 12 hour course in One Day

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Course Prices

Prices start from just £12 per learner with options to brand the E-Learning with our own logo.

Learners receive seamless course delivery from the One Day Practical through to completion of the E-Learn Module.